Discerning one's vocation involves prayer so as to recognize "the call."

Although the discernment process begins with prayer, it needs to be combined with reflection, dialogue, and Scripture. Some suggested ways to pray are silent Eucharistic adoration, daily Mass, reading scripture and the lives of saints. Pray often so as to know yourself better. Prayer brings clarity to our choices. Contact a spiritual director or someone who is familiar with consecrated life or a religious sister. Attend a retreat or days of prayer in a religious community.

To enhance the discernment process, visit a religious community such as the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, and get involved in some form of volunteer service to God's people, especially those who are poor.

The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor offers Discernment Days on YOUR time! If you are interested in participating in a day, or a few days, to discern a vocation to religious life, we will help fit the day(s) into your busy schedule. Perhaps you'd like to visit us and "Come and See" what the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are all about. We are available to connect by phone as well. Please feel free to call us anytime at 513-761-9040.

If you feel that God is inviting you, we welcome you to come to any of our locations for discernment. Our Sisters will provide you many opportunities to explore the possibility of joining the consecrated life.