Becoming a Sister
Franciscan Sisters of the Poor belong to a religious community for women. We make vows of obedience, celibacy, and poverty. Our sisters work in diverse fields from artists, to nurses, to social workers and more. Some are advocates for those who are poor. Whatever talent a sister has, it can be utilized for a ministry of her choice.

Our Commitment...
As Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, we dedicate ourselves to the service of the Church in a community of love: sharing with one another a fellowship and communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; living the life of the gospel in the Franciscan Spirit through personal union with Christ.

We desire in gratitude to restore all things in Christ: beginning with ourselves through a redemptive life in love, prayer, sacrifice and service especially in efforts for equal dignity for all people; sharing the problems of those who are poor, and helping them toward self-determination and dignity.

We strive to be apostles of development, witnessing to the ultimate realities of life: living the “new creation” – the good news of salvation – in hope and joy, and helping others live it, while awaiting the fulfillment of the Lord’s Second Coming.