Consecrated Life
Love draws us to consecrate ourselves to God by public vows of consecrated celibacy, poverty, and obedience as our way of deepening our baptismal commitment. Trusting that we can be what we are called to be, we profess to live the gospel counsels in community as consecrated women.

Celibacy - calls us to unite ourselves to God. Moved by God's healing love for us, we respond and become instruments of healing love for others.

Poverty - Our life of poverty urges us to seek God as our All. We use, enjoy, and reverence created things. We thank God for these gifts to us and claim nothing as our own.

Obedience - This vow challenges us to listen attentively to the word of God and to respond to it as revealed to us through the Church and congregation as well as through prayer and through persons and events in each of our lives.